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Laura Capell-Abra

Founder and Lead Workplace Wellbeing Instructor
Career coaching and wellbeing advocate, Laura Capell-Abra, founded Stress Matters in 2017. Laura also runs a coaching and development company called No More Ifs Or Buts, and is a visiting lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire. Laura previously ran an international marketing agency called Sledge Ltd and over her career has won a number of awards, including the Top 35 Under 35 list, being voted number 36 in the Event Top 100 and being commissioned to write a For Dummies guide. 

James Capell-Abra

Mental Health First Aid Instructor
James is the Lead Mental Health First Aid Instructor here at Stress Matters. It was his own recovery journey with depression and anxiety that drew him into the world of personal development, wellbeing and mental health and inspired him to become an MHFA instructor. Before working with Stress Matters, James set up and ran a surface manufacturing business working primarily in the Construction, Kitchen/Bedroom/Bathroom and Shopfitting industries. 

Laila Datoo

Business Wellbeing Coach and Founder of a.Life.more.mindful
Business Wellbeing Coach and Founder A.life.more.mindful Laila Datoo is a business well-being coach, working with companies to adopt transformational wellness strategies. She started her career managing global events for the Prime Minister's office and international media companies, then moving into COO roles. She takes extra care of her own mental health since having a baby in 2019 with daily walks, PJ dance parties, meditation and plenty of deep breaths!

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